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Oct 25, 2004 I'm so sorry that I can't update as much as I should...I'm just so busy now...
I'll try to update as much as I can, when I have the time...
Hello, all. I'm your Page and Graphic designer, Terra.
Read my comic Sprite Show!
Bwee hee hee hee I hope you like my Site Design!
Jan. 1, 2005 I hope everyone has had a good day today!! First day of the year!
Can you guess what one of my resolutions are? Yep, updating and having a real storyline!!
We were born to be dreamers, right? Happy New Year!!
Sept 18, 2005 - *innocent* Okay... I posted an oekaki of Bika's.
This is Necro, the catboy from the first comic, in color.
Jan. 18, 2005
Horray!! Another update!! This is a birthday comic!
Of course it's just not a comic about his birthday, but also mine! Jan. 20!
Since I turned 18, will anything be any different? We were born to be dreamers, right?
Happy Birthday!!
January 17, 2005 - Heya! ^_^ Been a while since ya heard from me, eh?
Well, I added an Archives page, but it still needs tweeking.
I also added a Rants Archive to record past rants.
March 8, 2005
I will not introduce in my comic Paneless Comics!!! i.e. I didn't feel like drawing panels and I used to draw my old comics this way in the first place. ^_^
Since I'm busy on Mondays and Wednesdays I will not update on those days, just mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't guarentee anything though...

BTW, I will also, for a short time, put in weekend art, just like Buddha does! -^_^-

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